GOLDEN EARRING - MOONTAN 2CD -Expanded Edition, Remastered, Digipak

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In June 2020, the original mastertapes of this classic album were unearthed for a long-awaited remastered edition - 48 years after its original release.

Alongside a fresh remaster from the IBC Studios first-generation album masters, six bonus tracks have been added, including the 1973 remake of Big Tree, Blue Sea that was added to the UK and US editions of the original album, the original single versions of Radar Love and Candy’s Going Bad, the B-side The Song Is Over and the 1974 single Instant Poetry.

In addition, a second CD entitled The Moontan Sessions features nine previously unreleased mixes/different versions that give insight into the whole production process of the album. Taken from a variety of archive tapes, these include the original basic recordings of Radar Love, The Song Is Over, Are You Receiving Me and Vanilla Queen, taped in early 1973 at Phonogram Studios in Hilversum (The Netherlands), which were overdubbed and finished at London’s IBC Studios in July 1973.

All tracks have been 24 bit/192 kHz remastered from the original mastertapes.

A special 2LP edition of Moontan (remastered & expanded) released by Music On Vinyl will follow in early 2022.

This 2CD edition of Moontan starts off a special series of remastered & expanded albums by Golden Earring, overseen by Red Bullet catalogue and band archivist Wouter Bessels.


  • CD 1

    • 1. Candy's Going Bad
    • 2. Are You Receiving Me
    • 3. Suzy Lunacy (Mental Rock)
    • 4. Radar Love
    • 5. Just Like Vince Taylor
    • 6. Vanilla Queen
    • 7. Big Tree, Blue Sea (1973 Version)
    • 8. Candy's Going Bad (Single Version)
    • 9. Radar Love (Single Version)
    • 10. The Song is Over
    • 11. Instant Poetry
    • 12. From Heaven, From Hell (1974 Version)
  • CD 2

    • 1. Vanilla Queen (Early Version)
    • 2. Radar Love (Basic Track)
    • 3. The Song is Over (Basic Track)
    • 4. Are You Receiving Me (Basic Track)
    • 5. Candy's Going Bad (Rough Mix)
    • 6. Vanilla Queen Part 1 (Rough Mix)
    • 7. Just Like Vince Taylor (Alternate Mix)
    • 8. Big Tree, Blue Sea Part 1 (Rough Mix)
    • 9. Radar Love (Instrumental Mono Mix)

Label: Red Bullet

EAN: 8712944663334

Genre: Rock

Release: 10-9-2021


  • New expanded edition of the 1973 classic Golden Earring album, featuring the worldwide hit Radar Love
  • • For the first time ever remastered from the first-generation master tapes
  • • Featuring 9 previously unreleased mixes/different versions
  • • Featuring 6 bonus tracks, including Big Tree, Blue Sea (1973 version) and Instant Poetry
  • • Including a 32-page booklet with a new essay, memorabilia, and photos
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